Summer Color

Herbs for the Kitchen and Landscape

by Rod Smith

Former Iowa Certified Nurseryman and
Oregon Certified Nursery Professional

© 2015-2022 Rodney A. Smith


Scientific name          USDA Zone Height X Width      Description
  Common name                Water Exposure
Allium schoenoprasum             5 12" X 12"  Evergreen. Mild onion flavor. Light
  Chives                      Med. Sun          purple flowers in summer.
Allium tuberosum                 4 12" X 12"  Evergreen. Dark green leaves with
  Garlic Chives               Med. Sun          mild garlic flavor. White flowers
Aloysia triphylla                8 3' X 3'    Deciduous shrub. Lemon-scented
  Lemon Verbena               Med. Sun          leaves used in teas or cooking.
Anethum graveolens                 30" X 20"  Annual. Leaves and small stem used
  Dill                        Med. Sun          in pickles and sauces.
Artemisia dracunculus            3 2' X 2'    Deciduous. Aromatic foliage used
  French Tarragon             Med. Sun          for seasoning sauces salads fish.
Borago officinalis                 3' X 3'    Annual. Cucumber flavored leaves
  Borage                      Med. Sun          used in salads. Self sows.
Chamaemelum nobile               4 5" X 1'    Evergreen. White flowers. Fragrant
  Chamomile                   Med. Sun-Part     leaves used for tea.
Coriandrum sativum                 15" X 15"  Annual. Leaves are Cilantro. Seeds
  Cilantro/Coriander          Med. Sun          are Coriander.
Cuminum cyminum                    10" x 10"  Annual. Pungent herb used in
  Cumin                       Med. Sun          curries.
Cymbopogon flexuosus               2' X 1'    Annual. Strong lemon scent. Used in
  Lemongrass                  Med. Sun          southeast Asian cooking.
Levisticum officinale            4 5' X 3'    Deciduous. Seeds, leaves and stems
  Lovage                      Med. Sun          have celery flavor.
Matricaria recutita                15" X 15"  Annual. White/yellow flowers. Used
  German Chamomile            Low  Sun          in relaxing teas and facials.
Melissa officinalis              4 2' X 2'    Deciduous. Lemon-scented foliage.
  Lemon Balm                  Low  Sun-Part     Used in tea, salads, sachets.
Mentha piperita                  3 10" X 10"  Deciduous. Fresh or dried leaves
  Peppermint                  High Sun-Part     used in teas and potpourri.
Mentha spicata                   3 2' X 2'    Deciduous. Strongly scented leaves
  Spearmint                   Med. Part sun     used in teas and salads.
Nepeta cataria                   3 2' X 2'    Evergreen. Aromatic leaves used in
  Catnip                      Med. Sun-Part     teas and cat toys.
Ocimum species                     2' X 2'    Annual. Leaves are used for season-
  Basil                       Med. Sun          ing. Needs warm temperatures.
Origanum majorana                4 12" x 12"  Often grown as an annual. Gray-
  Marjoram                    Med. Sun          green leaves used in meat, salad.
Origanum vulgare                 4 2' X 2'    Deciduous. Best in full sun, good
  Oregano                     Med. Sun          drainage. Used in many dishes.
Petroselinum crispum               12" X 12"  Annual. Leaves used as garnish and
  Parsley                     Med. Sun-Part     in cooking.
Rosmarinus officinallis          8 2' X 2'    Evergreen. Used in many dishes.
  Rosemary                    Low  Sun          Blue flowers attract butterflies.
Salvia officinalis               5 2' X 2'    Evergreen. Leaves used for turkey.
  Sage                        Med. Sun          Needs good drainage.
Thymus citriodoros               4 8" X 8"    Evergreen. Yellow-edged leaves.
  Lemon Thyme                 Med. sun-Part     Lemon scented.
Thymus vulgaris                  4 12" X 12"  Evergreen. Fresh or dried leaves in
  Thyme                       Med. Sun          salads, poultry, tomatoes.
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